Sunday, 29 December 2013


1. The amazing Piazza della Repubblica
2. Walking around Rome
3. Salmon for lunch
4. Christmas lights on Via del Corso
1. My natural curly hair
2. Walking around again :)
3. Delicious pastries that have completely ruined my diet
4. New backless dress
1. The streets of Rome at night
2. Sulky me :)
3. A not very healthy lunch at Burger King
4. Christmas decorations at a shopping mall
1. The majestic palace of the Court of Cassation
2. Huge love, huge hair :) - me and my little brother
3. Cannoli siciliani - one of the most delicious things in the world
4. A sunny December day
1. Me and my man under the Coliseum
2. Christmas tree in a train station
3. On the carousel - It's nice to be a child again :)
4. The colonnade of Piazza San Pietro

M-am întors acasă după o lună petrecută la Roma unde, după cum v-am mai zis, îmi fac studiile și unde îmi am familia de origine. După sesiunea de examene mi-am umplut zilele cu primblări lungi, un pic de shopping și mâncare delicioasă. Acestea sunt câteva din pozele ce am postat zilnic pe Instagram. Sper să vă placă și vă urez o duminică liniștită.

Translate/ I returned home after a month spent in Rome where I'm studying and where my family lives.These are some of the pictures I posted daily on Instagram. Hope you'll enjoy and I wish you a lovely Sunday.

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  1. happy new year

  2. Rome is a great city ! <3
    and you wrote a great blogpost about it :-)
    followed you <3

    "Yuyu´s Moments"